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Who we are

We are a non-profit organization forging a nature-positive, net-zero future for fashion, through CEO-led collaboration. We work together as one to create meaningful, large-scale change to improve industry.

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A united fashion industry pioneering new approaches to contribute to a nature-positive, net-zero future.


We chart a pathway for the industry and create collective solutions powered by CEO leadership.

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François-Henri Pinault and Emmanuel Macron during the G7 at Biarritz, in 2019, holding a paper showcasing The Fashion Pact inception. Picture by Jean-François/Modds for Kering.

François-Henri Pinault and Emmanuel Macron
August 2019 in Paris - Jean-François/Modds for Kering

Our history

The Fashion Pact was born out of the recognition that only collective action can change the environmentally harmful impact of the highly fragmented fashion industry.


Launched as an initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron, The Fashion Pact began as a call to action to fashion CEOs to rally and build a courageous collective to address the industry’s environmental impacts. The pact was then presented to the Heads of State at the G7 Summit in Biarritz in 2019 and connected to One Planet Summit, a multi-stakeholder platform committed to address environmental issues.


We have since grown to become the largest CEO-led initiative for sustainability in the fashion industry.

60 +
160 +
1 / 3
Of the fashion industry by volume
Our Governance

We are CEO-led

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The Fashion Pact is governed by a Steering Committee composed of 16 elected CEOs. Together they set the strategic vision and drive collective action. This top-level leadership approach is fundamental to bringing the necessary changes across the industry.


In addition, any CEO member can volunteer to be an Ambassador for our Joint Actions. Their role is to support the growth, evolution & success of the projects through concrete actions in operations and communications.


Each decision made by the Steering Committee is informed by the 25 Chief Sustainability Officers who make up the Operations Committee. These experts make strategic and practical propositions, implement the chosen actions and guide working groups.

Names from left to right:

Anders Holch Povlsen – CEO of BESTSELLER, Gerald J. Corbea – CEO of NOABRANDS, Jonathan Akeroyd – CEO of BURBERRY, Joanne Crevoiserat – CEO of TAPESTRY, Richard Dickson – CEO of GAP INC., Harish Ahuja – CEO of SHAHI EXPORTS, Paul Polman – Business leader, campaigner, co-author of “Net Positive”, Helena Helmersson – CEO of H&M GROUP, François-Henri Pinault – Chairman and CEO of KERING, Marco Gobbetti – Chairman and CEO of FERRAGAMO, Libby Wadle – CEO of J.CREW, Laurent Milchior – Chairman and CEO of ETAM GROUPE, Eva von Alvensleben – Executive Director & Secretary General of The Fashion Pact

Remote participants:

Patrice Louvet – CEO of RALPH LAUREN, Óscar García Maceiras – CEO OF INDITEX, Bruno Pavlovsky – President of CHANEL ACTIVITIES and CHANEL SAS

Steering committee 2023

27 November 2023
Steering Committee
Operations Committee
Portrait of Harish Ahuja, CEO of Shahi Exports, in black and white.

Harish Ahuja CEO of Shahi Exports

Portrait of Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO of Burberry, in black and white.

Jonathan Akeroyd CEO of Burberry

Portrait of Gerald J. Corbae, CEO of NOABRANDS, in black and white.

Gerald J. Corbae CEO of NOABRANDS

Portrait of Joanne Crevoiserat, CEO of Tapestry, in black and white.

Joanne Crevoiserat CEO of Tapestry

Black and white portrait of Richard Dickson, CEO of GAP.

Richard Dickson CEO of Gap Inc.

Portrait of Marco Gobbetti, CEO of Ferragamo, in black and white.

Marco Gobbetti CEO of Ferragamo

Daniel Ervér CEO of H&M Group

Portrait of Anders Holch Povlsen, CEO of BESTSELLER, in black and white.

Anders Holch Povlsen CEO of BESTSELLER

Patrice Louvet CEO of Ralph Lauren

Portrait of Óscar García Maceiras, CEO of Inditex, in black and white.

Óscar García Maceiras CEO of Inditex

Portrait of Laurent Milchior, Chairman and CEO of Etam Group, in black and white.

Laurent Milchior Chairman and CEO of Etam Group

Portrait of Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel Fashion activities and Chanel SAS, in black and white.

Bruno Pavlovsky President of Chanel Fashion activities and Chanel SAS

Portrait of François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering, in black and white.

François-Henri Pinault Chairman and CEO of Kering and Co-Founder of The Fashion Pact

Portrait of Paul Polman, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of The Fashion Pact, in black and white.

Paul Polman Co-Founder and Co-Chair of The Fashion Pact

Portrait of Libby Wadle, CEO of J.Crew Group, in black and white.

Libby Wadle CEO of J.Crew Group

Federica Licini Head of Sustainable Business at Farfetch

Anant Ahuja Head, Organizational Development of Shahi Exports

Fulvio Benetti Group Sustainability Director of Ermenegildo Zegna Group

Michael Beutler Chief Sustainability Officer of Moncler

Marie-Claire Daveu Chief Sustainability Officer of Kering

Eric Dupont Director of Operations, Supply Chain, and Sustainable Transformation, Chanel

Logan Duran VP ESG & Sustainability of Tapestry

Leyla Ertur Head of Sustainability of H&M Group and Co-Chair of the Operations Committee

Daniel Fibiger VP, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) of GAP INC.

Federico Fraboni Head of Sustainability of Calzedonia Group

Viviane Gut Senior Director Sustainability of Adidas

Liz Hershfield SVP, Head of Sustainability of J.Crew Group

Kachen Hong CSR Director of Etam Group

Katie Ioanilli Chief Global Impact & Communications Officer of Ralph Lauren

Noel Kinder Chief Sustainability Officer of Nike

Caroline Laurie VP Corporate Responsibility of Burberry

Krista McDonough SVP, General Counsel & Chief Sustainability Officer of Capri Holdings

Javier Losada Montero Chief Sustainability Officer of Inditex

Carole de Montgolfier Chief Sustainability Officer of MF Brands

Dorte Rye Olsen Head of Sustainability of Bestseller

Rossella Ravagli Sustainability Director of Armani Group

Pétronille Ricard Chief Sustainability Officer of Celio

Ignacio Sierra Corporate General Manager of Tendam

Davide Soli VP Global Operations Strategy & Sustainability of NOABRANDS

In today’s urgent climate context, we need to work together to tackle challenges that one company alone can’t solve. It is only by coming together that we can create real change, and The Fashion Pact’s unique collective power has the ability to accelerate our actions together.”
Helena Helmersson
Helena Helmersson

CEO of H&M Group and Co-Chair of The Fashion Pact

There is now a real momentum within fashion among leaders who are ready to work with others to drive the changes our societies and planet need. This sector has a long way to go, but no single CEO or business can tackle these issues alone and The Fashion Pact offers unprecedented partnership and scale.”
Paul Polman
Paul Polman

Business leader and Co-Chair & Co-Founder of The Fashion Pact

Today, the fashion industry has the opportunity to lead a shift towards a more sustainable future. We can set an example for how companies can work together and take action on the crucial issues of climate change, biodiversity and protecting the world’s oceans. Collaboration is vital if we are to develop a truly sustainable industry, and to do so as quickly and effectively as possible.”
François-Henri Pinault
François-Henri Pinault

Chairman & CEO of Kering

Farfetch is built on a community of fashion creators, curators and consumers - we're on a mission to empower these communities to choose, act and think positively. The Fashion Pact unites and mobilises companies across different market segments and parts of the value chain, bringing us together to drive long-term sustainable solutions. We must all work together with these communities to solve the challenges our industry faces."
José Neves
José Neves

Founder, Chairman & CEO of FARFETCH

The Fashion Pact has the great potential to set sustainability as a priority for our whole sector. It is essential for all our brands to come together and collaborate on initiatives and projects that establish a shared framework. This will enable us to implement innovative solutions that effectively reduce our environmental impact and create positive outcomes for water, biodiversity and climate.”
Óscar García Maceiras
Óscar García Maceiras

CEO of Inditex

It is time for our industry to strive for systemic change. Through collective action, we have the opportunity to achieve our ambitions for a sustainable future.”
Anders Holch Povlsen
Anders Holch Povlsen


The Fashion Pact team

Eva von Alvensleben
Eva von Alvensleben
Executive Director and Secretary General
Olivia Bertaux Lazare
Olivia Bertaux Lazare
Head of Communications
Riddhima Cannappane
Riddhima Cannappane
Chief of Staff
Natalie Della Valle
Natalie Della Valle
Biodiversity Project Manager
Leire Elhazaz Aguado
Leire Elhazaz Aguado
Climate Project Manager
Sara Eriksson
Sara Eriksson
Decarbonisation Project Manager
Nolwenn Foray
Nolwenn Foray
Oceans Project Manager
Laureen Gazio
Laureen Gazio
Engagement & Reporting Manager
Julia-India Gulatee
Julia-India Gulatee
Industry Transformation Manager
Catherine Nguyen Holbrook
Catherine Nguyen Holbrook
Operations Manager
Kristen Nuttall
Kristen Nuttall
Head of Programmes
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