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The Fashion Pact network is vast and global – a reflection of the fashion industry itself. From members, to partners, to other organisations that set sector-specific standards, each connection is key to our collective efforts to create large-scale, positive impact.

Framework Organisations

A member is considered to be an industry actor who has signed the Membership Agreement. They may be a brand, retailer, supplier or manufacturer and are represented by their CEO.

Our partners are specialists and technical experts who advise and support The Fashion Pact with all aspects of our work, from capacity building and on-the-ground activities to scaling and project implementation.

We align and support industry framework organisations who have developed tools, benchmarks and certifications that are used worldwide to drive positive change.

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The challenges we face today cannot be solved by a single brand. Join the fashion industry’s biggest CEO-led sustainability initiative and let’s create a nature-positive, net zero fashion industry together. How to engage
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